COVID-19 Advice to clients
  • We will not be hosting meetings at our offices until further notice.
  • We respectfully ask that our clients consider conference calls as an alternative to face-to-face meetings.
  • We have limited non-essential business travel and minimised external meetings.
  • Our teams are in constant communication and we have set up an emergency response group to co-ordinate our communications and to ensure that we take all recommended precautions.

Get Found

A website optimised to be found on Google will increase your coverage to customers.

Bespoke Design

We’ll design to your requirements, with unlimited changes to guarantee perfection.

UK based company

We’ve been designing successful websites since 2011.

Stand Out

An outstanding website will attract more prospective customers, maximising revenue.

Boost your business

A bespoke website which accurately reflects your company will drive customers to you.

Domain and emails

We’ll buy or transfer your domain free of charge and setup business emails for you.

Our website solution offers everything you need to set up your presence online or to refresh your already existing website. We will take care of the project, so that the only thing you will need to do is to tell us what you need, review and approve final project. It’s that easy. Moreover our Refresh@JCP™ service gives you complimentary total redesign of your site every two years.


What is important for your new business website?

Getting your new business website off and running to the best possible start is something everyone wishes for. There are many important facets of a website that all need to be kept in mind in order to ensure everything runs as efficiently as possible.

Ensure your website is coded skilfully
One area that you need to focus on carefully is the technical side of a website – this is to do with the coding of the website, and includes the search engine optimisation drive you should be aiming for. Embedding certain search engine optimisation techniques into the hidden code of the website is vital if you want to rank high on search engines. All search engines not only read the visible content on your website, but also trawl through the hidden code to decide how high you should rank.

Have a simple and intuitive design
Visitors to your website want to be able to navigate around with ease, and explore everything you have to offer with great simplicity. If your design is chaotic and difficult to get to grips with, visitors can easily be put off and instead visit another website.

Impress visitors with high quality content
You want your content on your website to instantly impact on the reader, immediately demonstrating everything you have to offer and why you are the best option available. Dull and uninspiring content can quickly put off a reader; however, you don’t want your writing to be all style and no substance. Getting the perfect blend between informative and colourful writing is the key here, and will be vital in converting visitors into customers.

Utilise proven search engine optimisation tactics
It’s a simple fact that most visitors to your website will have found it through a search engine. It’s also a proven fact that pages that rank on the first page of search engines receive a significantly higher number of visitors than those on pages further down the list. You can try to implement some techniques yourself, such as keyword insertion, or you can hire a professional service with expertise in search engine optimisation.

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